17 August 2015


Yes, that is the name of the paint I bought. It certainly was extra white.

Living room now

Dining room now

Then I really stripped out the rooms - rugs gone, everything gone. I hired two guys and they moved my stuff down from the studio to the "new" studio.

Sleeping station

Work area. My painting table and 4 X 8 work table.

I like my cold air

View from stairs I won't be climbing much anymore

Command central. My desk which was a gift to my parents on their wedding day from my Uncle Jack. He hand painted the entire desk. He was a set designer in Hollywood at the time. Peppa Pig and her family keeping an eye on all activities.

Just realized there are some pictures left to be taken.......


  1. Enjoy your new space! Does Extra White give Extra Time!!!

  2. What a process! But you're so smart to do this. Wondering what I'll do when the stairs from my studio up to my living space become difficult. For now, I am glad for the exercise...

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  4. Love the pigs and of course, your home.

  5. Hi Peppa! Your mom is doing a fantastic job!


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