19 August 2015

Final Move Down

A few weeks after I moved down, two guys came over and carried down Brian's things. He moved into the bedroom of the apartment and turned the walk-in closet into his office. So the King Size bed and twin are in my studio where I will create a visitors suite with microwave and a small refrigerator. I also have a chaise longe and a reading chair. Photos much later. Brian's old room upstairs now has a reading chair and a double bed for guests and our old guest room still is. The bathroom is huge. It WAS a bedroom when the house was build in the 1880's and when plumbing moved indoors, it was converted. The apartment bathroom is so small in comparison.

Brian's room

 His office

The living room with the beautiful chairs moved upstairs and our new leather club chairs.

The poodles "bedroom". She will NOT eat unless safely in her cage. She was very abused when we adopted her. She has been totally freaked out with the move. She JUST ate and drank (24 hours).

Dogs chillin'

My "Jade" forrest

Better picture of Command Central and my hand painted desk.

and the rest of the "old" dining room.


  1. The house looks great and very inviting. It's sad what people can do to animals. They're both lucky to have a good home, now.


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