15 August 2015


Since we moved in here 9 years ago, we have RARELY used the living room and dining room. I have a huge kitchen which I use as a wet studio and I have shown countless times on this blog. That was the frustration part of living here - we only used the kitchen downstairs but spent most of our time upstairs. Well, knees not being what they once were, it was time to think outside the box.

I decided to paint the living room (pea green) and the dining room (roman gold) white and move my studio downstairs.

The first thing I had to do was try to block the color so I didn't have to do 3 coats of paint.

Would you believe this was with ONE coat of Kilz primer? It totally knocked back the color.

Now for the final coat........


  1. Looks like a great house!!!

  2. Your house is absolutely beautiful. You've inspired me to update my colors.

  3. Yay hurray! Love seeing your process. It's hard work!


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