13 August 2015

Apartment part 2

In addition to the living room and dining room, I also repainted the walk in closet which had the most holes in the wall from the screw fasteners I had used to construct the closet. Pulling them out of the wall left major holes. Here it is finished as a very small guest room with a twin bed.

Then I touched up some patched holes in the bathroom. Not a full blown paint job

The bedroom had one lavendar wall and the other white. I also painted the mirrored closet doors.

View from the back windows (bathroom and bedroom)

When I was done I said, "Man, I love this place. I want to live here". 

The big problem was having to leave my beautiful studio upstairs - Upstairs being the operative word. I just can't do 40-50+ trips up and down those stairs every day - carrying things. So I started to cogitate........ 


  1. You are a fabric artist, interior designer, construction worker, painter of walls, painter of everything else, etc etc etc! Blessed you are! It looks great!

  2. Love....love...love..your colour choices. It's incredibly welcoming and bright.


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