01 June 2015

Overdue finish

I think I mentioned that I was not happy with the "Conversation" quilt. Judith looked at it and offered a fix. It worked. I like it now but have decided to just sell it as a lap quilt although the buyer can hang it on the wall if they would like. These are almost all hand dyes of mine just a half dozen or so scraps of commercial fabric.

After the fix but before the binding. The circular quilting represents the "sound waves" of the overlapping conversations.

I must have made 30 yards of continuous bias strip

It is for sale on Necessities Or Not.


  1. Great colors! Looks like views from various windows to a bright sunny outside!

  2. I think it works wonderfully!

  3. Love it. So the circular stitching was the fix? What weren't you happy with?


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