17 June 2015

Elizabeth Barton Master Class

I never took one photo of the class BUT if you are quick, you can go to Elizabeth Barton's blog and read all about it. 

Elizabeth does allude to her possibly doing this master class again in the future. That would be here in Maine, the only contiguous state she has not taught in yet. 

I will be sending out feelers for those interested in her workshop here on the coast of Maine summer 2016. Much more about this later.......


  1. Even though you didn't take pictures in class, I'd love to see some of your design ideas if you have any you're willing to show. Did you have a chance to use some of your beautiful hand dyed fabrics? Did you come away from class with a change in your perspective or an "aha moment"? Elizabeth's books are excellent, so I would imagine her class would be brilliant, too!

  2. Hi Beth!

    I'm definitely interested in an EB design class in Maine...please let me know!


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