03 June 2015

Elizabeth Barton's Master Class

Yes, Judith and I are going to Elizabeth Barton's workshop in Cape Cod June 8-12. Of course I paid little attention to the supply list which is SOP for me but attentive Judith noticed we need fabric dyed.

Last Thursday, Judith came over along with a recent transplant to Maine from Ontario, Canada. Her name is Janine and I think you will be hearing a lot more about her. This was her first time at my house and she brought great show and tell. She brought natural dyes and natural imaging with leaves and such in SILK!! Great stuff. Judith and I already love her so we now have another playmate!!

Anyway, we all dyed. Judith and I working on our gradations of hue and gradations of values of each hue.

Here is my pile


Yes, I did add another hue in the purple family in 4 values
fourth from left

All in a row

Equipment drying (32 containers)


  1. Oh, boy! Love your colors! And how fun to have another member of your play group! Have fun at the workshop... can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Great opportunity. Elizabeth Barton impresses me!

  3. These colors are so vibrant! I love these cool bluish-purplish shades. What colors did you use? Thank you for sharing your fun!

  4. Beautiful! What fun you have!

  5. swimming in those hues!!!! You all...

  6. See you there! Although I had planned to do a dye session I could not get to it so I'll be using my stash, which is actually a good thing since I have a ton of it and hardly use it anymore. But surely now I'll be eyeing your gorgeous colors!


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