22 June 2015

Elizabeth Barton's Master Class

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I am linking you to Janis Doucette's fabulous blog post about the week. She has an awesome slide show and since I didn't take my camera out once (hanging my head in mortification), I am relying on Janis's recreation of our work. If she has additional posts, I'll link to them as well.
I just found 4 picture that I took but Janis has them on her slide show. Well, at least I tried to take pictures. 

The workshop was so fabulous and I spent my time tagging behind Elizabeth and listening to her critiques of folks work. I learned the most this was. Basically her workshop was about the structure of abstract art. Once you take this master class, you can much more easily understand how to create a design. Of course I am a baby but I learned so much about structure. I KNOW the elements of design but you need a structure in which to put the elements - THAT'S what we learned. Everyone in the workshop did wonderful designs.

Elizabeth happened to mention (ahem) that Maine is the only contiguous state that she has yet to teach in. I am sending out feelers for anyone interested in taking this 5 day workshop next summer in Maine. There are worse places to be and less interesting things to do so please let me know what you think about coming to Maine for Elizabeth's workshop.


  1. I did comment elsewhere, but in case it went unnoticed, YES! I want to come to Maine to study with Elizabeth!!! Sign me up! :)

  2. I hope lots of people come for it!!

  3. And I'd have been following you following Elizabeth! :)


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