19 June 2015

Tales from the Cape

The biggest concern Judith and I had is that after living and "working" together for a week, we would no longer be friends. That didn't happen. As a matter of fact, we had a great time, got along swimmingly, and even made each other laugh. After one of the classes, we were making plans to either get ice cream then go the the Stop and Shop and boardwalk or go to the Stop and Shop and then get ice cream and then the boardwalk. As we approached the area Judith suddenly said, "I have to get a hair cut RIGHT NOW". Mind you, this was about 4:45. We hit two that were closing before we found one that was open. She is such a stitch!! Here are the before and "happy" after pictures.

We never did make it to the boardwalk that evening (priorities - ice cream) but we did the next evening. Please notice this boardwalk is VERY narrow, maybe four feet without railings.

YES. it IS leaning precariously to the right.

These ramps go nowhere because a storm took away the stairs down to the beach as well as 20 feet of beach. They just finished replanting dune plants to stop erosion. Also note they DID put up railings to protect the dunes from people. Very interesting.

Oh, I forgot to mention the day after Judith's hair cut, she stuck her head out the car window (like a dog). When I started laughing at her she said the wind felt good in her hair!

Needless to say, we had a great time.


  1. nothing better than a good frend

  2. Sounds like the friendship has been well and truly cemented. Great photos of the boardwalk.

  3. Love it! Glad to hear you two had a good time, and thanks for sharing your pix!

  4. And I had some fun with them too! So good to meet you two!

  5. Beautiful pictures of the boardwalk - Can you please explain its purpose? Is it a way to access an area you otherwise wouldn't experience? By the way, Judith's haircut looks great!

  6. So happy to know you had a great vacation with a good friend! Thanks for sharing the photos...


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