07 May 2014

Working in my sketchbook AGAIN!

I have been developing ideas that might spur me on to new work and thought I would share it with you.

One of the things I thought intriguing was trying to think up all kinds of edge treatments.  For me, trying to stretch my mind and think up new things is a great way  to increase my creativity.

These are Prairie Points in actual fabric. I used some of my hand dyed fabric left over form the circle quilt and attached the prairie Points to a strip which I sewed onto the paper page.

On this page edge I placed staples at varying angles. Imagine them as stitches perhaps.

This edge got the hole punch treatment. I could even make a pattern with the holes and thread wool through them. Remember those cards we had as children?

Did I already show this? It was an India Ink study in preparations for the dye experiment. It came out better in ink (smile).

I can tell by the lack of comments (like none) when I post pictures from my sketchbook that not too many are interested in sketchbooks. You should become friends with a sketchbook. They are lots of fun and become the repository of all kinds of ideas. This is a cloth "page" I added to my sketchbook. I used matte medium to "glue" it in.

This is a new image transfer technique I just learned about on DMTV (the Kemshalls). At least on this one I remembered to mirror image the text!!

Not so much here but then I reprinted the text and mirror imaged it. The wonderful raven was a photo image transfer.

A drier sheet with paint on it, tissue paper, red fabric and a gold candy wrapper with fusible on the back ironed on to the fabric.

My rope stamps make a faint print after having the dye washed out. I thought I'd made an impression in my sketch book

Here is that stamp I showed a few days ago and some prints made with fabric paint on cloth

I really like this image


  1. I have a love/hate relationships with sketchbooks. Tried them several times, but it is something which simply does not work for me. Everybody has their own way of working and a little doodle or some words on a piece of paper works for me :-)

  2. I love sketchbooks. As long as I don't have to do it myself ;-). But in fact, it is so worthwile to try it myself, will give it another try, seeing your great results! New dutch word: Schetsboek

  3. Beth, I love seeing what you do with your sketchbooks! If I weren't so caught up in making things to sell I would probably be trying to play along, especially with the stamping experiments. I just got inspired with your fabric beads to try those again... need some embellishments for my latest coil pot. Whatever you're up to and posting about, I'm interested!

  4. I love seeing your sketchbook pages Beth - I really should comment more!! Please keep sharing them!

  5. The staples are great! I thought they were stitches until I read the description.

  6. I have to admit that I am very poor about commenting and I know that I always like to have feedback. You are very creative and I really enjoy what you post. I always have good intentions about a sketch book but time and life always get in the way. Guess I just don't put enough of a priority on it. gjeneve@gmail.com

  7. I like seeing what you're brave enough to share with the world. Don't know that I could. I never seem to be able to keep at it. That's probably why I can't get my thoughts for new quilts pulled together!! You've given me a reason to try again. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I often think about starting a sketchbook, but I never seem to get beyond doing more than a little drawing on the back of an envelope or a piece of scratch paper. I think I lose ideas because I don't get them down where I can come back to them. Maybe I try things that don't work more than once because I don't remember! Thanks for the inspiration - I plan to get started on a sketch book today!

  9. Love your wild creativity, you are so open to trying such a variety of media & ideas. I never was so bold, but maybe I will expand a little with your inspiration...Making Marks... Yes, sketchbook as repository...

  10. This is my first time, seeing inside your sketchbook. Many of the pages look like finished pieces of art. They're wonderful. I especially like the prairie points and paper punch.


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