02 May 2014

This and that

Before I forget, Judith posted twice about our play date so check it out!!

I've been very prolific this past week or two and I thought I'd share a few things I did. First, I did a short tutorial on how to make a "frame" for a thermofax screen. The ones you can buy are hard and plastic, take up more room because they are thicker and also cost money. So check it out. All tutorials are under the header on the home page.

I had bought 3 men's t-shirts to wear under my clothes in the winter. They were boring in white so I dyed all three. The blue on (prettiest) I am wearing so no picture. The other two were boysenberry and red (purply) and the green one came out too lime so I wrapped it around a washing machine drain hose and shibori dyed it in turquoise.

Added turquoise dye

Washed and dried

And last but not least is a new rubber stamp (5-6") mounted on foam core board with matte medium.

and two stamps that bring new meaning to rice and beans. Lots of matte medium used here!!


  1. I love the results you get with the rice. I'm definitely going to try making a stamp like that!

  2. I've yet to dive into dyeing. You've just given me another reason to do it. The rice and bean stamps are inspired.

  3. The rice was my idea and the beans were Judith's suggestion. They print very nicely.


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