16 May 2014

Electric ERIC

This is the last of the ERIC series, I think. I started this May 2012. It is 20.5" X 26.5", the biggest ERIC so far. This is the pattern I made on manila paper. 

Fabric dyed for the polarized portrait.

I knew what I wanted to do but it seemed so daunting I got frustrated and put it all away for 2 years.

While I was having chemo, I started to dream about pieces I wanted to make and work out problems I was having with pieces I was working on. The Doctor's portrait was one and this was another whose difficulties were solved while waking. That was one "side effect" of chemo I'm glad I still have - smile.

I made a pattern out of parchment paper, one and a half sheets wide. I taped it on the top and bottom where the tape would not meet the iron. I trimmed the pieces a 1/32"-1/16" from the actual edge of the piece. This gave me wiggle room.

I traced the pattern onto the parchment paper from the Manila original. Then I used the photograph and manila original to find the spot the pattern piece fit. I ironed the pattern piece on to the parchment paper.

When I finished I squared the portrait and trimmed it to size. I slid a sheet of foam core board under it and over it like a sandwich and flipped it paper side up.

This is the part I dreaded - possibly having all the pieces come apart when I removed the parchment off the fusible backing.

What a shock! It just practically slid off!!

Now I have the colored pieces on the black linen background and ironed down. I had a quilt sandwich with felt and some snow dyed fabric with too much red in it. I don't like red. This will ultimately be mounted on a wooden stretcher.

Ready to start the freemotion

I don't know if you have ever used these bent safety pins to pin a quilt but the Kwik Klip enables you to pin in a fraction of the time. Same goes for unpinning.

Here is ERIC getting quilted which took 2 entire days.




  1. This is incredible, Beth! I love the translation to color... very innovative!

  2. Thank you for sharing each step of the process. It was fascinating, inspiring and educational. The final piece is incredible. I can't imagine what it would look like in person.

  3. Oh Beth! That's really beautiful! I love it!

  4. That is totally awesome! So glad you shared all the steps with us.

  5. Great work,Beth.Thank you for sharing.


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