28 May 2014

That new project

* Sketchbook winners are Elle - coptic and Pamela - accordion. Email me your addresses using the comment form below.

Don't ask me why I can't leave circles alone...

I am starting on a new project that may be quite a challenge. Yes, there are more circles but it will be every different than anything else I have done before. 

Another obsession of mine is shot cotton. I can make all the fabric I want but I can't make shot cotton. A local fabric store had a 20% off everything sale. I have been drooling over their shot cotton since they opened so this was my chance. 

I bought 2 batches with one color that I will use in both - the lime.

These are future circles

Not sure about these fabrics but the sale was on (smile)

These last two really captured me. The fabric on the right and below is VERY thin and semi-transparent. I love the lines of threads on the wrong side and I am thinking of many ways of using that side. The dot side is OK but I bought it to use the wrong side. The other fabric was nice and I thought about over dyeing or maybe other surface design techniques. 

I haven't tried these but they assured me these watercolors were heavily pigmented. They are West German. They look exactly like another set I bought in the UK which are fabulous so at 20% off, it was a small investment...

I may or may not have mentioned Judith and I are taking an "Abstract art in quiltmaking" course online from Elizabeth Barton and I plan on doing more abstract art in monochromes soon.


  1. Ah, I didn't realize you were also a fan of shot cottons--yes, I love that fabric! I suppose one could get white and dye it, but the colors it comes in are already so wonderful. . .

  2. Fabulous colours Beth!
    Congratulations to Elle and Pamela!

  3. I almost missed the highlighted part. Thanks, Beth. This is a fabulous win. I am wanting some shot cottons as well. Shoot, there are lots of things I want. Classes with Elizabeth is also a 'want' but I settled for her books! Looking forward to some future post! ;~)

  4. I'm fond of all geometric shapes, but circles are probably my favourite. The cottons are gorgeous and I love the last two fabrics, as well. You'll have to let us know how the water colours, work out.

  5. Thank you for choosing me for one of your wonderful sketchbooks. I just emailed you my address.
    Thanks again!

  6. Okay, you have to tell me (being the ignoramus that I am!) what is "shot cotton"? It looks a lot like fabric I refer to as kettle cloth... is that the same thing? If it is, I totally get why you like it! And I can't wait to hear more about your new project!

  7. I don't know what shot cotton is...Can I ask where is the store & is it still on sale?
    That wc set: I think I had it once & loved it. It WAS heavily pigmented & rich...Happy Circles, Beth.

  8. Shot cotton is plain ordinary (very soft) cotton with the weft in one color and the warp in another. The third piece of fabric is yellow and red and the one under it is pink and red. Click on the image twice to enlarge. The hot pink is pink and purple. Kind of like a mafia hit-mans iridescent suit (smile)

  9. I had never heard let alone seen shot cotton... hmmm I wonder.... more fabric in store?

  10. The only place I've readily seen shot cotton is Kaffe Fassett online. What I bought was Kaffe's cotton but at a retail store - hard to find.


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