21 May 2014

Going a bit potty

This is really out in left field. I thought I would show some of the pottery I made in college. The hand built pieces were from my first year and the thrown pots from the second. I made MANY more pieces than these but these were a good representation of what I did.

Hand built pieces

This and below are the size of a basketball

I called this "Birth"

As a final project I made an entire set of dishes with different evergreens pressed into the clay. I actually ate off these dishes for quite a while. Pine above and spruce below.

This I made while teaching a class in hand built pots to seniors at a senior center in Milwaukee. It had a round mouth and triangular bottom.

These are thrown. As you can see by the similar designs, this was my signature shape.


  1. I took a class once. My hands didn't do well but I did like it. Lovely examples!

  2. WOW, Beth! Yet another medium, a pretty special one...Super.
    Ceramics was my hardest~ I didn't have the strength for the wheel & I seem to remember clay flying! Even hand building didn't work out too well. I ended up doing more etching (drawing) into the clay than forming it.

  3. I love these! And I tried pottery in Jr. College, but I wasn't very good at it either. Now with my coiled fabric bowls, I'm at least able to create some of the shapes I love, and I'm experimenting with something I will soon blog about that is an exciting blend of fabric and a 'magic ingredient' to make it more pottery like... thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  4. I'm so glad that you shared your pottery. I enjoy seeing art in all it's forms. As with your textile art, I love your use of colour and texture. As I've not had the chance to make pottery, I'd not thought of the difference between hand built and thrown pieces. I'm fascinated with the texture in the hand built pieces and the smoothness and colour blending, of the thrown. I don't think I could pick a favourite.

  5. enjoyed seeing the post, and love the glazes...love the off kilter ones especially.


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