26 May 2014


First with the Sketchbook stuff

I decided to make some silk scarves using Shibori resist and these are some ideas for color combinations. The colors inside the arrow shape are for an upcoming project.

The photo of me of the left page was taken at the Maine Event 2012. I guess I was showing a piece I made in the Show and Tell portion of the event. One of the participants took it and gave it to me when she saw me at a workshop I gave at the Maine Art Quilt guild meeting. The reason I blew it up in size will be apparent in a minutes. The page on the right was a nice piece of linen and I pulled the threads in the center. I placed the purple behind it so the empty spaces were visible.

I wanted to paste half a picture in black and white in the book then draw the rest of the picture on the facing page.

This was done with graphite on the left and charcoal on the right where I covered the page with black then used an eraser to "draw" the picture.

This was the scrap of sandwich I used to practice free motion on while making the circle quilt. Then I used a paint roller and paint on one half to accentuate how the stitches showed since they were indented in the fabric

This was a blind stitching exercise from the Dorothy Caldwell workshop. It is in another sketchbook in which I saved all the ephemera from her workshop.


  1. Fascinating Beth - I love the Dorothy Caldwell piece. I enjoyed seeing her work last year and I would love to take a workshop with her!

  2. I like the half page/ full page concept.

  3. I just love your creative "journeying"...Such a gift, this visual world....

  4. The piece with you on one side and the rest of your art, on the other, is my favourite. It's a great effect. I also love the effect you got with the fabric sandwich. Thanks for sharing these.


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