12 December 2012

Winter Solstice Cards

This is the time of year I make all handmade original solstice cards. This year I wanted to do a stamp of the sky, trees and returning sun in Maine. Here is my process:

Soft-kut from Dick Blick

Acrylic paints on a sheet of heavy plate glass

The stamp, plate and roller

The pre-printed card, 2 on each side of the paper, and the PVC pipe I used as a roller to put equal pressure on the stamp

The production line. When dry I turn them over and print the other side with the stamp.

One sheet before cutting.


  1. Beautiful cards! I have to make some to, but I have no inspiration :-(

  2. Fabulous Beth!
    I want to try lino cutting!

  3. Wonderful prodcution line Beth!

  4. Now I understand how to get these ´seperated´ colours, one way or the other, it always get messy with me, but you just have to stay straight... thanks for the tip


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