10 December 2012

All feet

So now you will all know how totally weird I am. I LOVE socks but have a hard time finding just the RIGHT kind. Today I stuck it lucky and came home with SIX pairs of fabulous socks. Last year I splurged and bought a pair of cashmere socks for $12.50. They had holes in them after the first 5 or 6 times. Very sad. However I am cutting off the leg portion and making new cuffs for my raggedy sweatshirt.
Here are my fabulous new socks:

The ones that look like boring black socks are called (this is true), The Softest Socks in the World (brand name) and they are. The next two brightly knitted ones are QT (?) and are made from recycled cotton. They wear like iron and they are gorgeous too. The last 2 and most expensive are Dahlgren and made from Merino and alpaca. The best part of all is they were all on sale!YEAH!


  1. Ooh! I could use some sox that are like Iron! We have a lot of cinder rock on our property, and I'm always getting holes in them way too quick! I actually have a darning egg, but really don't fancy trying to mend holes in my socks! Nice haul, Beth!

  2. Nice to make Art of. Ha,ha.

  3. I think it's great you are so happy with socks, haha! Love that!

  4. Perhaps you can knit the next pair yourself? Today there is wonderful yarn for socks available. Anyway, in our country! And it's lovely to knit socks.


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