21 December 2012

Quilting done

I used rows of straight stitch on the stripped blocks

and  something in the middle then square spiral rows around the centers of the log cabin(ish) ones

These are the "rough" squares before trimming

The back side of the "rough" square. You can see where I made a huge mistake requiring hours of work to fix. I cut the backing pieces too small and had to scab on an inch on both sides. Yuck!

I had to trim the squares to 12.5" square BUT on the wrong side because the backing was the problem.

The square trimmed

The front of the square trimmed

Next mistake was pre-cutting the connector strips TOO SMALL. Now, did I bother to read my own tutorial NO!! Instead of cutting 4.5" strips for 2 " connectors, I cut ALL the fabric I had left to 2.5" strips for 1" connectors. sigh!. Now I need more fabric and I have to wait because the store is 45 miles away. Double sigh!!
I sewed rows 1 & 2 together  then 3 & 4 together then 5 & 6 together to keep the weight down. The I sewed 1/2 to 3/4 then finally the last double strip 5/6.


  1. Too quick perhaps? I like the blues in it.

  2. I hate when something goes wrong, but I also now know that mistakes can be fixed, thanks to you! I think your quilt is going to be beautiful and can't wait to see the completed piece!

  3. It looks lovely! Sorry you're having so many problems, I know how that feels. You should just order fabrics from fabric.com or other on-line stores, it's easier and usually cheaper, too.

  4. Wow! I will check the tutorial, didn't know you had one here!


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