17 December 2012

Another QAYG project

I virtually never buy commercial fabric but a QAYG (Quilt As You Go) project is the one exception. I decided to make another bed quilt - also something I ALMOST never do but found that I needed to do one now. It is for an Xmas gift so I won't mention who it is for.
Here is how I started this project. I bought 12 - half yard pieces of coordinating fabric thinking that would be enough. When I got home and saw the fabric in natural light I took an instant dislike to one of them. I tossed it. Fortunately I found almost a yard of fabric that went well in my stash of old commercial fabric and it was a batik as well. As it was, I almost ran out of fabric on this 80" X 80" quilt. Yikes!
Here is the fabric:

The bottoms most fabric is the one that was tossed. It looked OK in the store but in daylight looked like neon orange. Orange, yellow and red are the only colors I REALLY don't like so this has been a hard project to get through. Fortunately I listen to talking books on my MP3 player while I "trudge" through.
The reason some of the fabrics are cut is that I began cutting before realizing I needed the picture of the fabrics whole to show you. Oops.

The other BIG mistake I made and which took a lot of time to "fix" was that I tore the backing quilt fabric too small;  a case of "Don't bother to read your own directions". I ended up having to sew on an extra inch strip on top and side of each of the 18 backing squares. Was this really my idea after all???


  1. Really? You tossed that fabric? Naw, you wouldn't do that?! It would have been fun to see what you could do with surface design techniques to overcome the unwanted color! Meanwhile, I hope you post pix of the finished quilt!

  2. I used to hate orange, too, until I discovered the great contrast it gives with blues/turquoise. I also kick myself it when I make "dumb" mistakes and spend more time fixing them then I should have to. Show the finished quilt (if you can show it before it goes to the recipient).

  3. well! I'll be looking forward to seeing this... :)


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