24 December 2012

Sunshine Quilt Finished

I decided to give this quilt a sunny name because it was such a pain in the neck - I'm trying to stay positive. Four days later, I made it to the store for more fabric for a edge border. Yes, I paid 4.99 a yard for batiks.

Now the quilt was about 75" square and I needed to add a 4" border with an edge and binding to make it big enough to look good hanging over the bed.

This is it without the 4" border. It looks OK but not very generous.

The borders with the binding

Hangs much nicer

My attempt at humor - one square on point.

Border on the top edge

Wrapping it for Solstice (hence "Sunshine" quilt)


  1. Beautiful, Beth! And what a bargain on those batiks!

  2. Beautiful quilt! And it looks really sunny :-)

  3. A great name for a beautiful quilt!

  4. It brightens up the room and I admire your persistence, you did a good job, ver nice!

  5. You've done quickly. Lovely to occasionally make traditional work?!

  6. Great job, Beth. It looks really beautiful. Bright colors!
    gr. Marjolijn


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