01 December 2011

Hand made book

Watched a DMTV show about hand sewing books and thought I'd try this again since this process was different than the one I tried before. I thought I had blogged about my leather sketchbook but I can't seem to find anything so here is the new book.

The cover is made from a hand felted "purse" that I made at a felting workshop at a gallery that I have shown and sold in. The workshop was great but I really had no great desire to make a purse, just learn to wet felt. I cut the purse in half and half again and stitched it along with 20 signatures into this book of 80 pages. I made a few mistakes along the way and want to do a few more books since thay are great projects to keep my hands busy at night so I can't snack. Win-Win.

Here is a picture of the book I made last year (or so). It is open and shows the 3 kinds of paper I used (white sketch, tracing and brown wrapping). It has a glued on leather cover.

Excuse me while I have a senior moment... I just took some photos of the leather book (what was I thinking?) to post. This first is the cover which is glued on with the signatures stitched to strips of felt (must check notes on how I did this).

This is a picture of the book open and obviously in use

You can see the sketch paper on the left, tracing paper on the right with brown wrapping paper under it.

 This is a brown wrapping paper page which I added as a fold out page. This was lots of fun to make and I hope to make many more.

OK, It's a few hours after I originally posted this and  I have a new book. I just made this using the sewing technique from the first (black leather) book along with the tried exposed linen stitches that I once saw in another book. The beads were my idea. It is also about 20 signatures (80 pages) in length and larger (9 1/2 X8) than the felted cover book(9X6).

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