08 December 2011

ERIC again and again

Dreaming (finished)

 This is a couched sketch. When the FIVE had a recent playdate, I was rummaging through some of Charlene's goodies when I spotted this skein of thin cotton (yarn?). It was like crochet thread but had intermittent wrappings of black thread - very yummy. I thought of doing a sketch using this material/yarn and couching it down. Must say I like it.

In the spirit of explaining the process. I did the sketch with the sewing machine and white thread then used the stitches as a guide to lay down the yarn/thread and couched it with black sewing thread.


  1. And the couching stitching was done by hand I assume?

  2. Yes. I hooped it and couched each stitch. I ironed t, cut it down in size and stretched it on a 9" X 12" stretcher. It looks Fab.

  3. Neat! I thought the yarn was actually beads! Now there's an idea!

  4. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't get me started on another one. I finished another last night then one more (a monoprint) and I hope that I can get back to my "Becoming" series. Argh!


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