22 December 2011

More fun than you can imagine

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Waterfall Arts in Belfast, ME, the town next to mine. They asked me if I wanted to "mentor" a young person who was interested in fiber art. I was a bit hesitant since in so many peoples perceptions are fiber art = wool. I gave her my email address and was later contacted by a 13 year old young lady named Meagan. OMG, am I having fun or what. Our association is to create a collaborative piece with the theme of Water and have it ready for a show in two months.
At our first meeting I probably scarred the poor child to death lobbing every form of fiber art AND surface design at her like a ball throwing machine on the tennis court. Well, she came back - showing her bravery or foolhardiness - makes no difference, and we made a silk screen and padded printing surface for ONE idea I had for a piece. She will return Tuesday because it is Christmas vacation and we can spend the entire day together silk screening. I am using Jane Dunnewold's Interfacing Stencil.  I am hoping to get another full day in with Meagan before she returns to school (serious lack of daylight up here in Maine) so we can do some pole shibori. These are the two surface design techniques I thought of for making a "Water" themed piece.
We don't really know where we are going with this but the journey should be fun. I am hoping this "collaboration" is the beginning of a friendship and mentorship that will last more than 2 months. I will keep you posted.

And by the way, there are a few spots open in Jane Dunnewold's class at ProChem so check it out. I'll be there.


  1. OMG! That sounds like a fabulous class! I wonder how I can finagle the money for it? Hmmm...

  2. how wonderful - for both of you!

  3. Oh, that sounds wonderfull! What fun it must be to mentor a young girl in such a way. Enjoy!


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