10 December 2011

Gossamer and Fire

Here is ERIC Gossamer framed. I zigzagged the edges and made a frame from a hardwood dowel cut on my chop saw at 45 degrees and glued. Nice.

This is the December technique on the Fire blog
Check it out. I ironed 4 layers of shopping bags (no.2) together under parchment paper with fine scraps of fabric between layers 2 & 3. The bags didn't like the fabric and I had to iron on 2 more layers on the "iron side" of the piece. Here are the pics of my process:

This is the "iron side" of the piece. I have parchment paper on the ironing surface, 2 layers of bags, hand smoothed, fabric scraps then 4 layers of plastic bags. I covered all with more parchment paper and ironed - not too much because it wants to ripple.

This was the side touching the ironing surface. This ironing took place by my window with the huge exhaust fan on since the fumes are most probably toxic and these irreplaceable lungs are keeping me on this side of the grass so....
For some reason this reminded me of pampers (which I never used - always cotton!- aah fiber)

So I decided to free motion to flatten the plastic puffs down and add more color.

Then I made an envelope with a gold elastic and button closure. This will be nice for keeping flat memorabilia like cards.


  1. I love your envelope - so cool. And I really like the effect you got with the fabric under the plastic.

  2. This turned out great, I really like your envelope. So glad you said that it reminded you of pampers, because that's just what went through my mind at the third picture. FM quilting changes the whole look.

  3. I can really see the benefit of working in a series by looking at your Erics. I think you have become so familiar with it that everyone becomes more natural.


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