18 December 2011

Kindle Carrier

When my cousin Margo was here recently, she hinted at having me make her a kindle protecting slip to keep her kindle screen safe from scratches. I used the flip and stitch method on a large piece of synthetic felt which I frequently use instead of batting because it is so much easier to pass a needle through. When done, I cut a strip about 6" X 16" folded to about 6 X 8 and sewed a flat seam wrongs sides together. Oh, I also quilted the 6X16 piece with metallic threads and applied some hand made stamps. I zigzagged the seams 3 times (one row on top of the other building up thread) with a shiny rayon thread and added a binding and Velcro at the opening.

I was so excited at how it came out that I threw it in an envelope without taking a photo. My cousin loved it and sent a picture for the blog:
The stamps really don't show up at all but they are there!

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