29 November 2010


This past week I read posts on two blogs denigrating "certain kinds" of art quilts. I don't understand what compels people to snip at other people's art unless it is low or shaky self esteem. I commented in what I regarded as a thoughtful way to both posters and found neither of them "approved" of my comments so they never showed up in their comment section. One person even wrote that they wanted to hear what others had to say yet when my comment challenger her beliefs, it seemed to go into the cyber-trash.
I don't understand the "Us" and "Them" attitude that is pervading our country and many others. In my comments (now lost in cyberspace) I said something like, "Why can't we all just play nice?" and "This "us" and "them" attitude is tearing our country apart.
I am NOT the judge of the art world nor do I want to be. Just because I don't like certain types of art doesn't mean I have to denigrate it or say is is silly and sappy. There is room in this big world for all types of quilters, potters, metal workers, painters, designers.....
I prefer to find the good in someones hard work. I have found that the top art quilters I have met or had any contact with were all embracing, non-judgmental, and encouraging. If we were all the same , how boring the world would be.
Let's just play nice.

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  1. Oh! Beth, I'll let you look at my stuff any time. heehee
    I say that because I almost never show my stuff, I play with dyes and stitches and quilty stuff, but just for me. Mostly because of the kinds of comments you were talking about.I would never sing out loud in public or show anyone any of my poetry. They might not think it poetry.

    I think your comments about the world of art are so wholistic and universal. Thank you.
    Ricky in Winnipeg


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