13 November 2010

Looky, Looky, Looky

I have finished the "robins egg blue" shirt and I love it.

The brown dye ended up olive green, along with the purple final dye, and the combo is my favorite color combination.  
You can almost see the iridescence.  

These are details of the other shirt that was tray dyed. I think you just need to see the shirt in person to appreciate the nuances of color. On me it looks like a bunch of blotchy colors.

And now for the fun toys:
             NOW.... think quilt.........................................YEAH!


  1. Love the shirts!!! Where did you get all the groovy tools? Does "groovy" date me? LOL

  2. Yes, they are definitely your colors!

    I forgot to call Wednesday. I'll try again this week.

  3. Did you make those shirts w/the fabric you dyed, or did you dye pre-made shirts? Love both of them, great colors!

  4. Never mind my previous question, I read further down on your blog and found the answer!

  5. very cool- looks like fun. I like the shirt pattern too!


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