14 November 2010

Most fabulous design wall

I was just reading Judi Hurwitt's blog post about finally creating her design wall in her studio. I was going to make a comment when I thought, "Why not share your comment with the entire 1 or 2 people who actually read your blog?" So here is my comment on Judi's design wall.

I REALLY wanted a design wall in my studio but I am on the second floor and I only have 4' walls; the rest being slanted ceilings albeit with fabulous skylights. Sigh! Well, I just happened to be reading Pamela Allen's Blog and what do I see but her "Ikea design wall" made from a clothing rack on wheels. "I have a rack like that in pieces in my barn", says I. So I proceeded to get some styrofoam  panels and do pretty much was Judi did but then placed them back to back with the rack in the center like a sandwich and taped in place with duct tape. I cover with batting and heavy weight white flannel (no need for pins most of the time). I finally found a spot to park it and it can be rolled out for photographing quilts or near or far to see the impact of my design while in process.
An added bonus: It's two sided.

This is the wall in situ. It's parked next to my drying rack in the office section of my studio.

Rolled out from wall showing it's two faced nature!

Detail showing sloppy but highly functional construction. I have to add that one of the pieces on styrofoam panel was a scrap I found on the second floor of my barn so there isn't uniformity of size. However my thrifty Maine yankee nature just wouldn't permit buying two panels when I had a perfectly good but odd sized one at hand. It works. Thank you Pam and Judi.


  1. Om nom nom nom I LOVE your solution!! You just now slapped this together? It's fab!

  2. Thank God for creative friends whose ideas I can "borrow"

  3. I love that this is on wheels and can be moved to where you need it. Too bad I don't have room to store something on wheels, I need something I can slide behind shelves, desk, sofa etc when not in use so I'm thinking of something light like this but with a hanger on the back. Thanks for sending me over Judi, and thank you for your post Beth.


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