24 February 2020

Surface design in my sketchbook

I am really having fun in that concertina sketchbook. I have taken 6 or 8 pages and made a continuous work across the pages. I've never worked in that format before and I have to admit I am having so much fun I can't seem to stop. I have shown you the first and second spread. Here are 3 more:

Starting to loosen up

I used oil pastels, PVC glue, matte gel medium, tulip dimensional paint and stickers (maybe more) as resists

Harder to do than you might think.


  1. Your concertina is absolutely amazing. I really like what you did. I am already a subscriber to you youtube channel.

    1. Wait until you see what is coming next

  2. I love them! Especially the last... I painted one imaginary landscape many years ago... still have it, and it was
    a challenge, but I love the results. You must be having great fun with these!

    1. I am already finished with this series - all 70 pages filled - and I am embarking on a new adventure I have been wanting to take for 2 years now. I am very excited. Hopefully within a month I will be able to give you a peek.


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