12 February 2020

My sister and I are making a quilt together

As you probably already know I found my birth family and I have a half sister who quilts

Although we live about a thousand miles apart we are both making the same quilt. Pretty cool. I am NOT a pattern/traditional quilter but my sister is. This will be a stretch for me but you can follow along and witness my frustration. It will be child's play for my sister.

Although I am not a farm girl, my sister is so this quilt will celebrate her farm heritage.

The book that goes with the quilt

All the fabric in a larger bin and each block cut in the tiny bin to take to the machine.


  1. Your very own Quilting Bee. I admire your fortitude in working on something that is so outside your mode, outside the box, pun not intended!! This has a US folk history tone to it, Beth.
    PS There is a quilters' show at the Camden Library by the "Mount Battie Modern Quilt Guild" or "Coastal Quilters of Midcoast Maine", both names are on their postcard. There are a few collaborations, like the one you and your sister are working on. The quilts are MAGNIFICENT, and I think have stories to go with them. I hope you can get down to see it. Til end of Feb. probably.

    1. I'm like you, Beth... I am not one to follow a pattern, but really do admire those who can. Enjoy the process, and the opportunity to use those fun
      "new" machines you have!

    2. Thanks Judy. A whole new appreciation for those who can. So far we are having a great time

  2. I wish you to be happy with your sister.


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