06 February 2020

sewing for the pleasure of it

Just today I mentioned that sometimes I just like to sit and sew for the pleasure of it. That Necchi really invites usage. What a dream machine. Now that I have a "real" foot pedal (like on a car), on the Mira and I am enjoying both machine.

Jean came over and of course I took NO photos at the time. Marcella came as well and we worked on making rope bowls with fabric outers. We used 100% cotton clothesline and cut 2.5" wide strips and folded them and ironed them like bias tape. The clothes line went in the center crease with the two sides (also folded) criss crossed over and stitched in place. Mine came out very sloppy.

Then I started the bottom circle and you can see from this photo how bumpy and awful mine was.

When I stitched a bottom the size I wanted, I flipped the bottom up and continued to sew - still sloppy.

This is what your bowl will look like if you are sloppy and careless. I took scissors and literally cut it even.

I then applied a binding to try to hide the botched job. All in all, it was fairly successful. It is certainly good enough for me to use.

The binding is hand sewn down and the bowl is much sturdier with the cloth cover as compared to the bowl just with rope.

My sorry shape shifting rope bowl from earlier this year.

Jean's bowl she gave me as a gift. This is what it is supposed to look like. She makes awesome bowls. 

Thank you Jean!!!


  1. I actually like the wonky look of your bowl with the wavy sides! I will say I think all that folding and
    creasing is way more work than my way, but I use raw edged strips... some folks don't like the frays. But
    I found if I coat with clear acrylic sealer, the frays settle down, much like hair spray on fly away hair!
    Sounds like you are very happy with your "new" sewing machine... enjoy all that fun sewing!

    1. OMG I love my machines. To celebrate I made an improv art piece (soon to be posted) and my sister and I are making the same quilt (a kit which I have never done before), her in Indiana and me here in Maine. We are making two blocks a week and I am doing ne block on one machine and the other on the other. In all fairness.....
      Soon to be posted as well

  2. Ohhhh how I LOVE these bowls, sloppy or not !!!
    Must try that sometime ...
    (though I think it's not easy to find the right cord ...)

    1. The cord is 100% cotton clothes line. You could also ose 100% cotton piping cord WITHOUT a plastic filament core. Have fun.

  3. Very cool, interesting to see how they're made. You have such a vocabulary of techniques and types of projects. I have 2 such bowls, now I can appreciate them more. I wonder if Jean is the one who made one of mine. I bought it at Harbor Arts in Belfast 2 years ago. The woman had all kinds of them.

    1. You met Jean at MidSummer Maine. She is a treasure and a friend.


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