26 February 2020

Sister Quilt

We decided to do two blocks a week and get this quilt done in 6+ months. We should be done with the blocks in 25 weeks then we have to assemble, sandwich and quilt.

Here are my first two blocks


If you can see by the handy dandy measures on my table this block is a tad over 1" square. THIS is the point when I knew I was in over my head

The pie and hot mitts

This is the block with the thumb wrong on the right mitt


Here are my sister's first two blocks


  1. Now you know why I don't do traditional quilts! Precision stitching, especially trying to do small pieces like the first square you showed,
    drives me batty! I'm sure you'll get through it, but glad it's you and not me working on it. Have fun!

    1. It's gotten better over time. Still not my cup of tea though. I will be selling this to make money for a charity (paying for kids lunches)

  2. I'll bet this will add to your freestyle work. So did you and your sister have artists in the family?

    1. No artists. It must be from the Henderson side.


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