17 February 2020

A purse from a sow's ear

Well, maybe not a purse but a sketchbook from "reclaimed" trash. I bought a sketchbook and it came in a slip case. I threw the slip case in the recycle bin but later fished it out again because it was made from heavy weight box board.

I slit off the top and bottom leaving what looked like a book.

I made a 10 signature insert and coptic stitched it with dental floss since it was waxed and would never show.

I covered the old book slip with some of my paste paper

I reinforced the spine of the book insert with a buckram "patch" and glued the insert in the book cover with gell medium.

Voilla', a new sketchbook


  1. It's gorgeous, and what a great re-use of that slip! You're amazing...

    1. I had to fish it out of the recycle bin. I just hate throwing things away.

  2. Replies
    1. It's a bit stiff but while using it should loosen up


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