19 September 2019

The last Maine Event day 2

Day two was another gorgeous day in Paradise (Maine)

We finally got started on our Kakishibu pieces

Then Marcella mentioned "Gyotaku" Japanese print printing.

We were off and running

Done with thickened dye


I know better than think I know how a workshop should go. The "Universe" may have other plans. We DO get our work done but there is that freedom to pursue wherever the muse my lead as well.

In between "working",  the second vat got a lot of attention......

Doesn't this look like a lions head?

Usually on the second day we have "Show and Tell" so here it is!!

Jean's botanical book from MidSummer Maine

Ann's work


Amazing quilts

Ann's favorite piece from that day (mine too)

Jean's fabric bowls

And the one she gifted me


  1. Oh, my! I love all of these wonderful examples of the creativity you fostered in these workshops! I love that you just veered off wherever the muse took you (fish prints), love the lion's head AND the bat hanging upside down, the wonderful show & tell... I would say you had a fantastic finale to the Maine Event! Now maybe you can just organize some play dates from time to time... can't let that wonderful creative space go to waste!

    1. It was a ball and everyone had fun. The last day was the best for me because I have wanted to really jump into this technique.

  2. Such beautiful work! And the sky came through with applause too ;-)

    1. Thanks Penny. I even mentioned you and our meeting at the Crow Barn.

  3. What an amazing group of talented women. I love that you just followed your muse and the results prove what a wise decision that was. I'm almost ready to move to Maine! Thanks for sharing your fantastic results.

    1. It was such great fun. If you ever come to Maine . be sure to let me know.

  4. Quelle belle journée avec tous ces magnifiques exemples et tissus bravo

  5. I think I'm running out of super words for what I see on your posts...Awesome, Wonderful, Wow!!! And such meaningful fun for you all.


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