23 September 2019

The last Maine Event day 3

The last day was forecast to be overcast and cool and the breeze helped dry the pre-soaked silk charmeuse and dupioni I provided each person. This last day was dedicated to working with dye wax and thickened dyes.

Wax dyes on griddle

Only a few pieces of the steamed pieces below but I was "promised" photos of the washed out work so stay tuned. I LOVE, love, love this technique and will do more myself. I love the dye wax on silk and especially on linen. Below is cotton.

THIS is linen. LOOK at those marks.


Back side of fabric.

My finished pieces






and lastly, this was done on loosely woven wool


  1. I've never heard of dye wax. Is it soy wax with dye added? And then when you iron/wash out the wax, the dye remains? I like the marks!

    1. Yes. I bought a Jane Dunnewold CD called Vibrant Color. It also touches on dye wax crayon but I didn't like them. Just not for me. I also worked with her at ProChem for 5 days doing this. I love the details on the cloth. It is especially nice on linen and silk. There is a bit more to it than the dye in wax but that's the beginning.


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