26 August 2019

wet results

Here they are with the technique name

Plexiglas circles

Batik with rope stamp

IKEA bag clips

Plastic chain

Square Plexiglas

Air vent


PVC pipe

So the experiment to day was to ascertain whether the pieces would have more distinct figuring if they were allowed to drain and partially dry. The experiment proved without a doubt that the pieces were less figured, more monochromatic (with a few exceptions) and no where near as attractive as when opened immediately after removal from the vat.  


  1. Interesting experiment. I have yet to try indigo, but do love the contrast of light and dark you can get.

    1. Buying a kit is the best way to try it for the first time. CAUTION: Highly addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love your experiments. The results are great.

  3. Beth I love that you're not afraid to try anything!! Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope that I can do it!!

  4. Oh là là!! Love!! Above comment: you're not afraid to try anything, ain't that the truth!!
    Bag clips, marbles and other great stuff!!


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