19 August 2019

Samples for the Indigo Workshop

I started out with a whole piece of cloth that I was going to indigo dye. Then I decided it would be so much easier if I cut the fabric into half yard cuts. I washed and ironed the fabric then cut into half yards.

First piece fan folded then clamped with IKEA clips

Next cut was rolled on to a piece of  PVC pipe for arashi shibori

Two more cuts fan folded them clamped; one is square and one round Plexiglas.

Wrapped and gathered on plastic chain then wrapped with nylon string.

Penultimate cut with marbles wrapped with elastics

Last cut gathered on a piece of plastic air vent. (My favorite)

Next post will have the finished pieces to use as samples for the Indigo Workshop.


  1. Beth that looks awesome!!! I can't wait to see how they come out!! Pam Gonzalez

    1. Thursday and I have 2 posts. One was the fabric and the second dyed pillow covers that really came out great!!


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