22 August 2019

D-Day (dyeing)

These pieces were samples for the workshop for next week. Alternately I am using the fabric to make indigo dyed seat covers for my new car "Peace". Yes, I name my cars. This was a half vat (half the recipe). This is the "old" recipe ProChem no longer has on it's website. The new one is weaker and requires repeated dips which some people like. I want my fabric dark now!!

Before starting the indigo vat, I wanted to batik two pieces of fabric

Rope stamp and antique potato masher - a gift from Marcella.

 Above is my rope stamp

Potato masher

All of my projects. Starting from the top: Ikea bag clips, square of plexi (perspex), air vent, PVC pipe, folded with round plexi, plastic chain, and in the center, marbles. Although this bucket has a spout, the top is completely flat so I used some rigid insulation as a lid.

PVC in the vat

Air vent and square fold out and dripping.

Chain, marbles, and a clamped piece.

All just sitting there dripping. When they stop, I will open the "presents"........

Old Recipe
3 gallons of lukewarm water(12 liters)
2 Tablespoons of Thiox (24 grams)
5 tablespoons of pre-reduced indigo (40 grams)
3/4 cups plus 2 T soda ash (190 grams) dissolved in 2 cups hot water

Add in order
Stir without splashing clockwise then anti-clockwise.
Cover and wait 2 hours.
Remove and save bloom (I never do)

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  1. Fascinating!!! It does seem to be art with some science mixed in...all that experimenting!

    1. Almost all of these techniques are classic (not the IKEA clips hehe)


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