05 August 2019

MidSummer Maine II day one

Student work

The workshop started with a bang! I caught a problematic wood chuck in the Havahart trap (yes, they can't resist cantaloupe) and had to relocated him to Cape Jellison State Park seven miles away. The workshop started 15 minutes late (smile).

I love table cloths and flowers

Judith working on her baby smock- free motion sketching a la Cas Holmes

Washed. You'll see the other side later.

These were Marcella's prints. Not that I am trying to downplay her fabulous work but this paper that came inside a scrapbook was pretty amazing. You'll see more phenomenal prints in Day 3.

This day we simply put the plants between pages and between signature of 140 lb Arches watercolor paper, used a hardware cloth "folder" I made and secured it with a bulldog clamp. They were boiled in 2 gallons of water with 2 cups of vinegar and about a teaspoon of nutmeg colored MX dye. added for 1.5 hours. This is my boiling pot.

Judith's prints

Marcella went back in previously made dried prints with a fine pen for detail


  1. Oh love the ink outlines picking out the detail!

    1. I like that too. Marcella spent a lot of time and attention and it shows!!

  2. Her prints are amazing! I am so anxious to start... only one or two more things I need to get, then time to take the plunge!

    1. That's that great paper I told you about.


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