04 February 2019

Snow dyeing

If you live in Maine you take the term "Monster Storm" with a grain of salt. We have 10 inches so far which made for some good snow dyeing. Whether there are 5 or 25 inches of snow is inconsequential. It falls, the roads crew remove it, life resumes. Sometime we get power failures and that is very annoying and inconvenient. Meanwhile the washer and dryer are plugging away...and my sister Susan is engaging in her first snow dye.

Unsuspecting fabric

soda ashed and in the position

Susan applying snow.

The snow dyes are dark with dye at first

Then over time the dye mixes with the ice and melts on to the fabric and the fabric becomes exposed

First out of the dryer

Sorry about the bad lighting but it's snowing!

These are also my sister's. Nice and bright with lots of movement!!

This last one was mine. A poor showing but it's not all about me. My sister had a ball. 

This was actually my last one but I didn't get it photographed til the next day


  1. Interesting to see the 'racks' you use -- on top of the basins. Mine are smaller and fit on the bottom of my basins. Out here too, we have very dry, powdery snow, which I find not as effective for snow dyeing as crustier snow. So...I don't rush out right away to dye; I wait till the snow gets a bit "old" -- a few days after the snowfall and before the next one. I might try an 'elevated' rack, using a screen...Hmmm! Thanks for the info and inspiration!

    1. The hardware cloth screen keeps the fabric from getting soaked in melting snow and dye.

  2. Just a big, "Oooooooooh!" The sisters enjoying fabric heaven!


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