28 February 2019

New workshop - Cuddlies

The first workshop at Maine Coast Surface Design Workshops this May

Pattern on Pellon

Dyed cheese cloth ears and felted heart with a dense fleece body

Linen with deconstructed silk screen ears

Tiny bear is made from wool suiting

Bear "Priscilla" made from a white wool French Army blanket, vintage doll dress with a hand knit cardigan.

Her pink nails and toes are actually pink marks along the selvage of the wool blanket

This is my cuddly that was given to me when I was born 70 years ago. She is well loved.


  1. Sweet! Hope you have a great turnout for your new class!

    1. Me too. I am making the bunny with the heart a dress and I made her a sweet pink sweater. The Cardigan is now on the rabbit with big ears and the bear "Priscilla" is getting a fine white knit sweater. Not sure yet what the tiny bear will get but something - at least a top and maybe trousers as well.

  2. Your inner child is alive and well...and cuddly! Charming, Beth...

    1. Thanks Rita!! They were so much fun to make.


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