11 February 2019

Working in my sketchbook

I have been working in my sketchbook using various techniques. Sometime I just write; other times I paint or sketch. Using print as a design element is one of the techniques I am using since I am surprisingly doing a lot of writing.

A quick water color of a photo taken years ago and recently found.

Collage with painted papers with over painting with added script.

Sketch of a dog done with solid graphite the erased to create the wispy dog hair. I was also trying out some old fountain pens in various colors both to see if they still worked and what were the colors of ink.

I did the watercolor background the night before then decided to try white in script.

This is my fave. The night before I laid down a background of newsprint attached then covered in gell medium. I overpainted in shades of grey and used sgraffito to make trees in a fog. The trees were text. I love it.

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  1. Looks like you're having lots of fun experimenting.. good job! I love "what if" and just seeing where an idea takes me, and that's what this makes me think of. I haven't done much of anything with text in my art... really should give that a try. Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. Actually the text thing was from DMTV although in a much different way. I have been really enjoying writing in these sketch books every day.

  2. I love love love writing and words used as design elements! That first painting is juicy! And the collage with painted papers!!!!

    1. Thanks Rita. You were the first person I told about this new effort.


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