19 October 2016

Betsey's Crazy Quilt

I wrote about this project about a year ago and now I am actually starting to finish it. My girlfriend Betsey took a crazy quilt class in NY before she moved to Maine. She has had these blocks for at least 10 years and now I have the time to square them up and apply the sashing and border. Yesterday I squared them up using the 14" square of Plexiglas Betsey had cut for me. Makes it so easy and convenient. Having a square cut coats about $5. and is worth every cent.
She also applied a lot of " embellishments " which may get in my way like thick buttons, hand beading and metal coins. I am just about ready to cut the strips for the sashing and I hope to have this finished by Friday. If there isn't a Friday post, no explanation is needed (smile).

One 14" square all squared up

The Plexiglas square

The other 11 squares

Fabric for sashing, binding and I hope backing as well. I am planning a "pillowcase" backing.


  1. Oh, my... I can't wait to see this finished! I love crazy quilting, and it looks like she really did a lovely job with the squares!

  2. That'll keep you 'crazy busy'!

  3. Crazy-Beautiful! How nice to finish a project that's been waiting...

  4. It's nice that all the work she put into the quilt won't go to waste. I'll enjoy seeing your progress.


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