05 October 2016

That doggone square

I mean dog gone as in she ate half my square. Yes, my new puppy Kiki, now called Niki (Nicky) decided to teeth on my second square. Here are the before and after I repaired the block pictures. 

This is the puppy barricade. The square was on the worktable and I can only guess it somehow was swept to the floor. All of those cubbies are filled with fabric and other supplies. Hopefully safe.


  1. Awwww.... that is why I keep my studio door firmly closed at all times. I have cats, so they wouldn't chew, but they would definitely wreak havoc with the place, and then I would have to severely chastise them...

  2. ooh! My grand kiddies just got a kitten. There go the curtains!!! lol

  3. Puppies are so much fun. When Gracie was a pup she learned to open my fabric drawers. I walked into my sewing room (which now has a closed door) to find her happily chewing five meters of blue silk and my teflon ironing sheet.

  4. Oh Dear, Kiki Niki, a true puppy! She has a taste for color, I guess she came to the right house!


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