04 November 2016

Creavity at a low ebb

This is very unusual for me. I am usually brimming over with ideas and I can't figure out what happened. The dogs take 2 hours of walking a day and can interrupt my day. I also had company for about 5 days . Can't figure it out. I have been walking since my 20's and I have frequent company. 

Yesterday I took a bright yellow (yuck) blouse my friend Marcella gave me to overdye. I finally got around to it. I also cleaned my work space and took out some acrylics to do some abstract painting. Hope this all primes my pump.

You need sunglasses for this one

In a bowl with basic blue

I love the way the shirt is green but the stitching picked up more of the blue

Inviting. Now all I need is my mojo back.


  1. The overdying looks really good! Sometimes I find I need a break, clean up and organize to help me find out what I want to do next.

    1. Thanks Jo. I am hoping my "break" is over

  2. It will come back... sometimes I wish I could turn it off a little so I can catch up on non-creative things, but I don't want it to go too far! Maybe it's time to peruse the "fire" blog archives? I do get lots of inspiration from blog visits... probably why I browse my faves nearly every day. How's that puppy doing? Is she getting along with her house mate?

  3. Love the way the stitches took the dye. Sometimes our mojo goes on walk-about. Hopefully yours will be back soon.

  4. People tell me to enjoy uncreative downtime,but I'm like you - I wonder where the imagination went!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU

  6. I've been unable to concentrate on much lately, the election had me really on edge. And of course the results were just what I expected even though I had hoped they would be different. At least the dread/anticipation feelings are over, for two months anyway, and maybe I can start making something again. Hope your creative block is gone!


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