17 October 2016

water soluble graphite pencils

This is my first foray into water soluble graphite pencils. I have used the water soluble colored pencils many times but I found these in a drawer (forgotten by me after "putting them away"). I have been stepping over and on acorns for weeks now. I even planted two in a pot hoping they will  grow into oaks. I brought home a pretty spray of acorns and leaves and left them on my desk until the leaves dried and the acorns popped out of their hats.

I took a cell phone picture and sat down to FINALLY draw something after months (I think) of inaction on my sketchbook workshop with the Kemshalls. My attempt is not great but better than a stick in the eye (as my partner Brian loves to say).

Kind of a mediocre sketch but at least I did SOMETHING

Both Derwent water soluble pencils and solid Grahitone sticks

These are 2 regular solid large graphite sticks and what I refer to as a "China Marker" China markers also come in colors and are like intense crayons. Butchers use them to mark on paper packages and stores use them to mark china (imagine). You could also call them grease pencils but they aren't really greasy.


  1. I like water soluble graphite pencils. I need that fat one. Acorns- worse than legos for stepping on!

  2. I think you did great! I have never been much of a sketcher, and admire the work of others. As for acorns, I have about 12 Gambel Oaks here (small... not real big yet), and they don't put out many acorns... the Jays usually get 'em. Hope yours grows!

  3. I think you did great, too. I've played with water soluble graphite and like them.


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