10 October 2016

Deanna's birthday

Today is my granddaughters birthday. She is in her second year of art school at Moore College of Art and Design in Philly. I have now graduated from Amazon gift certificates to actual gifts. I hate to admit it but I am the worlds worst card sender or occasion gift buyer. I can't explain it.

Earlier this year I sent my daughter Meredith a beautiful sketchbook because she is a prodigious journaler.

This cover was a combination of monoprint and scraped acrylic paint. 

It suddenly occurred to me my granddaughter, an actual artist, might like one of my sketchbooks. So that was the start of it.

Laying out the binder board on the back of the paste paper cover and marking the 45 degree corners.

Scapes cut off will become future book marks

I still use my shells to hold my PVA.

Blurry picture of the covers being pressed under about 20 lbs of books

All pieces assembled and ready to stitch.

Adding a signature

Coptic stitched spine. So pretty and useful (pages lie flat)

A REAL card. What has happened in the universe to cause this bizarre behavior?

Wrapped in one of my acid dyed silk scarves.

On it's way to Philly


  1. What a lovely gift, and I'm sure she will love it! I'm not very good at gift buying either, and it's been a long time since I made things to give as gifts... not sure our grandkids would appreciate them (ages 10 - 15). Maybe someday...

  2. A gift worth waiting for!!!

  3. She will LOVE It.

  4. From one generation to another....so nice!


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