15 September 2016

Rail fence

I thought I had posted these pictures but I can't find the post so here it goes.

I sewed the 1.5" X 4.5" strips together into a 4 patch block. I used like colors for each block then laid them out in a nice pattern giving me a flow of colors. I ran out of squares to make this a square by 3 blocks. I went into my hand dyed stash and found a color that blended well and made 4 four patch blocks. Can you see them????

This is all stitched, pinned and ready to quilt. I am doing this today so Monday I should have pictures of the finished piece. The binding is cut and ironed at the top of the picture.


  1. My favourite kind of rail fence!!!

  2. What a great idea!I love colors. I forward to seeing how it will be quilted ...

  3. So pretty and calming.


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