26 September 2016

Indigo (part 1)

As you know I cancelled the Maine Event for lack of interest this year. My friend Judith said we should get together and spend "that Saturday" playing in an indigo vet. Another friend came up from Boston and we dipped the day away. Loads of fun was had by everyone.

Judith working on a shibori 

Hot wax station for batik

Indigo vat station

Friend's shibori

The chiffon again

My friend from Boston with clamped shibori

Silk chiffon that started hot pink, yellow, purple, blue and any other garrish colors you can think of

Judith twisting points before the big dip.

Kind of like this

Two pieces of really ugly fabric that came out better after shibori. 

Another old experiment that needed help.

This was from a blog I did on silk screens. I just dipped it whole (no folds) into the indigo.


A huge piece of HEAVY canvas. Maybe a bag??


  1. How beautiful and productive day. Congratulations everyone!

  2. Very inspiring! I'm curious: did you do any pre-waxing before the vat? Would love to hear about your results, if so. I really, R E A L L Y have to try indigo... just haven't made the time yet!

  3. Wow....such gorgeous fabrics.


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