21 September 2016

Cleaning Up

I'm not even sure if this will work but I have some thickened dyes sitting at room temperature for 5 days drying out and I will try to do something rather than toss them.

The mess that I brought home from the workshops

Thickened dyes that maybe I can do something with??

and PS here is the quilted table cover in dappled light. Beautiful


  1. I've been playing with thickened dyes for the last few weeks. I work in my cellar and make a mess, and have left some thickener with dye powders added uncovered for days before getting back to it. Just add more dissolved sodium alginate if it's too dry, or even some water.

  2. Gads, it's been awhile since I used any thickened dyes... I look forward to seeing your experiments with the leftovers.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with the dyes. Loving that table cover even more.


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